The Word ala in Turkish
Considering different references on the Turkish language, we observe that the word ala has been utilized widely. Besides indicating color, the word ala has been employed in the historical and modern Turkish dialects for naming different types of creature, trees and plants, different types of cloth and fabric, diseases, disorders and complexities, weather conditions, periods of time, man’s various moods, different types of food, and even abstract notions. Also seen in Mongolian and Manchu, the word has undergone gradual semantic change. The Turkish word ala means half as well as colorful. Considering the word ala and the compound words made with it, this research has sought to specify the domain of application of the word in the historical and modern Turkish dialects and to differentiate its primary and secondary meanings. Furthermore, it has been investigated how it has been transformed from the primary to the secondary meaning.

Turkish Language, The Word ala, Historical Turkish Dialects, Modern Turkish Dialects