The Archaic Elements of In Kelile And Dimne
The work called Kelile and Dimne, which is the basis of my work, is known as a work which is thought to have been taken by the writer Mes'ud bin Ahmed of 14th century; Semih Tezcan of unknown writer of Milan Adamovic. Built on the basis of the 14th century Oghuz Turkic, this work possesses rich materials with archaic elements in it. In this study, the words we considered as archaic elements were separated from the terms of phonetic, morphology and vocabulary form and verbal existence different from the studies on archaism in Turcology and it is desired to express the value that the items in each title are expressed in the axis of East and Western Turkic. The subject of the archaic elements is partly related to the Hybrid Language Works, which is one of the controversies of the Old Anatolian Turkic period. In this study, it is desired to question whether the characteristics of the East Turkestan in the 14th century Oguz Turkic are "moving from a previous writing language to the principle of benefiting from a new writing language" or whether these characteristics "come from individual preferences".

Archaism, The Old Anatolian Turkic, West Turkic, East Turkic.