Some Determinations On Female Heroes in Turkic Epics of Kipchak Area
The tradition of Turkic epic is a very rich tradition due to hundreds of examples compiled. In these epics; the history, culture and beliefs of Turkic peoples have been explained and at the same time many subjects such as economic, cultural and social have been handled. Because Turkic peoples had a patriarchal family structure, their epics were rather built on this structure. As a result, the main hero have been mostly men in the Turkic epics. However, the opposite is also the case. As a matter of fact, women may be the main hero in Turkish epics. In this study, such as “Canıl Mırza”, “Ayman-Şolpan”, “Kırk Kız”, “Zayatülek-Hıvhılıv”, “Tülek-Susılu”, where women are the main hero or the primary actor, some epics of the Turkic peoples belonging to the Kipchak area are examined and the characteristics of female heroes in these epics are emphasized. Thus, the woman reflected in the epics is examined whether or not from the life style of Turkic peoples.

Kipchak, Turkic, epics, women, hero.