Behçet Necatigil's Attempt To Read The Poem “Abdal Musa” In The Context Of Criticism Of Modern Mentality
According to Behçet Necatigil, poetry is a summary of a life view that is the highest peak of writing. Poetry is an image of life in the context of the poet's projection of his life. Necatigil, the individual and translates itself to a certain life/behavior, and who condemned the event, saying that there is relationship stuff in this context, the individual poem in their first terms, he believes that language should bring their own. Behçet Necatigil shows the ways of being against elements such as mind, substance, power, force, which the modern mind attaches importance to in Abdal Musa's poem. He invites the individual to a deep and vast world he's lost. To make sense of the existence of him, he is in the name of not losing himself in the age of his life. Gives the individual the opportunity to interpret himself and his age. Abdal Musa's poem was evaluated in the context of the existence and self values of the individual and examined in the context of the criticism of the poet to modern mentality.

Modernism, existence, individual, saying.