Emotions World Of Hilmi Yavuz: "Sorrow and Me"
The purpose of this study is to examine "Hüzün ve ben (Sorrow and Me)" work that consists of the essays of Hilmi Yavuz, one of the leading Republic Period Turkish literature authors, in terms of the author's sentimentality and the selected subjects. It is interesting that in his poems and essays Hilmi Yavuz addresses to various feelings mainly including sorrow and interprets various people, events or places in scope of these feelings. In this scope the author not only creates a literary work with an awareness idea and feeling but also makes references to the sentimental worlds of other authors. Poem is a literary type that especially addresses to the feelings; therefore the sentimental world that is reflected to the essays of Hilmi Yavuz, who stands out with his poet identity, has an individual importance. He is an author capable of relaying the feeling-past, feeling-today and feeling-future relations to the reader from different angles. He uses various narration techniques to draw the attention to his own "me". He tries to explain the relation of feeling and poeticalness from every aspect by giving examples from Turkish and world literature. He expresses his feelings on his memories in an artistic style. The place and function of the sentiments in the work of the author who draws the attention with such features, is tried to be presented from various aspects within our study.

Essay, feeling, idea, sorrow, art.