A classical Ottoman Poet Tali'i, From Kastamonu and His Poems
16. century was a period that the highest point was seen in terms of the growing poets and the written works in the classical Turkish literature. Many poets grew up and great numbers of important works were given in that period. One of the poets who grew in that period is Tali’i. Tali’i who was born in Kastamonu had the duty of servicing for Mahmud- who was the son of Bayezid II- and he made the duty of financial office for him. After Mahmud’s death that he was the sultan’s son, Yavuz Sultan Selim ascended the throne so Tali’i made the janissary clerkship for him. The poet died at the ends of Yavuz Sultan Selim’s reign. Tali’i had Persian and Turkish Divan and Tarih that he wrote it about Yavuz Sultan Selim’s Persian Campaign. Even if his Persian Divan was published, his Turkish Divan and Tarih have not been reached to today. We found a copy of Turkish Divan and many poems which are recorded in the various journals during the catalogue reviews that we made in order to determine the poet’s poems. In this study, the form and content features of Turkish Divan belonging to Tali’i will be considered; a set of evaluations will be made about the poet’s literary personality from the point of information and current poems in the sources. Then, the criticised text of some poems belonging to him which are available in Divan and collected from the journals will be included.

Classical Turkish Literature, 16th Century, Tâli’î, Dîvân, Journal.