In Turkish Culture Marriage and Giving Name to Children Tradition: Alevi Bektaşi Sample
Turkish people who lived as a nomadic life adopted a settle life in time and interacted with a lot of cultures. Cultural interaction is important factor that bring with cultural richness and diversity. Turkish society that comprised of having different ethnic nations, cultures and religions is difference of in point of customs and traditions. These differences take an active role in ''marriage and giving name children ''traditions that building transition period of Turkish culture. Marriage and giving name acts that represent an important period life in human , is celebrated with ceremonies .It has been seen that there have been some changes marriage and giving name, which are important transitional periods of Turkish culture in the time, from the past to the present, but these nourishment from the same main culture has provided enough similarity to form a bridge between the past and the future. Traditions and customs, old time's, it has been seen that many years of accumulations and experience based on the Turkish and Alevi Bektas-i societies, cultural and traditional aspects of the similarities brought with it. This situation; Alevi-Bektaşi societies traditions which is marriage and giving name to children, prevented it from occurring huge difference between with Turkish society traditions

Culture, Marriage, Giving name, Alevi Bektaşi