Analysis of The Terms Tesevvuf in The Work of Kashgar Mahmud's 'Divan
The significance of suffistic words and expressions given in the unique herritage “Devony dictionary at-turk (DLT)” written in XI the century and topecalily in using them in Uzbek language were observed in the article. This article is very important in terms of the first research in Uzbek Turkish. In particular, the study of the terms of the syllable in “Devony dictionary at-turk” will be useful to understand the mana characteristics of many words which are in force in today's Uzbek Turkish, but whose meanings are not thoroughly explained. For example, in Turkology, very few linguists have applied to this subject. It will be a useful material for both the Divan Literature and the Grand Virtues of Glossary. The terms of “Devony dictionary at-turk” in Turkish language are compared with the words used in the works of Ali Şir Nevayi, Süfi Allayar, Yusuf Has Hacip, Yunus Emre and other authors.

DLT, Uzbek Language , Sufism, Suffistic Turkish Poetry, Siffistic Terminology