Messages About Values Education in Bahaeddin Özkişi’s Stories.
Abstract As a social creature, a human being grous and develops having been influenced by from many subjects that are mainly his own society’s culture, living and values. The values are oan important piece of the life. That’s why the education has recently dealt with these values. In our country, Minister of Education Works on some projects about “Values Education”. So literary Works take a crucial role of teaching the values to the children. In this article, the stories of Bahaeddin Özkişi whose literary Works are among “The 100 Basic Literary Works”, the Project of Education Ministry have been studied in the aspect of “Values Education”. In this study, the values list, consisted of twenty three basic values byhaving been chosen from some values in Turkish Language Teaching Programme (2018), Social Science Teaching Programme (2018) has been used. These values are justice, humility, courage, generosity, diligence, solidarity, honesty, equality, sacrifice, reliability, cooperation, compassion, hospitality, self-confidence, sharing, patience, loyalty, respect, love, responsibility, patriotism, fidelity, helpfulness. The source of this article is the study of “Bahaeddin Özkişi’s Literary Works In Terms of Values Education”. In this study, 70 stories collected by Bahaeddin Özkişi in his book "Göç Zamanı" were examined. There are four sections in this studys the concepts in the first section, the methods of the study in the second section, the findings in the third section, the conclusion in the fourth section. It has been found out that many values in Bahaeddin Özkişi’s studies are also in the value list according to the findings of this study. That’s why his stories can be used in the “Values Education” Project.

Keywords: Bahaeddin Özkişi, Value, Value Education.