Words of Emotion in Yenisei Inscriptions
The Yenisei inscriptions are the tombstones done after dying of the prominent living in Altay- Sayan region. In this inscriptions the died person tells not only about his bravery but also about his unexpected death without having enough time with his family, children, relatives and friends with his own words. In Yenisei inscriptions, emotionally charged words, many of which are made of mold expressions, are found. Hence, after determining the words which have the meaning of emotion in Yenisei inscriptions and determining the places where the words were witnessed, a sample sentence related to each word in this concept area was given for a better understanding of the semantic context. In addition, etymologies related to words are given and different readings of some words are also mentioned. In this article, the most comprehensive work on the Yenisei inscriptions, Erhan Aydın's Yenisey Yazıtları, was considered as the main source.

Yenisei Inscriptions, Old Turkic Inscriptions, Vocabulary, Lexicology.