Secondary School Students' Perceptions Of Dede Korkut: Metaphors
This study aims to determine the perception of Dede Korkut of secondary school students by means of metaphors. This research is a qualitative study and the phenomenology model is used as a method. The study group consisted of 252 secondary school students who attend in a secondary school in Uşak Provience. They were asked to complete the sentence “Dede Korkut is like………………because………………” to determine the perceptions of secondary school students about Dede Korkut. The metaphors developed by the students and their reasons were reviewed one by one, and the worksheets with metaphor and justification mismatch were excluded. The metaphors to be included in the evaluation were then transferred to the computer with their justifications. These raw data were read several times and metaphors with common meaning were combined. After reading the metaphors and reasons for the evaluation several times, common themes were determined through field experts. 225 students included in the assessment developed a total of 107 different metaphors. The metaphors developed were collected in 6 different themes.

Dede Korkut, Perception, Metaphors, Secondary School.