Wine and Wine-Related Features In The Masnavis of Nevʻî-Zâde Atâyî
One of the main subjects of classical Turkish literature is wine and its elements. Some poets, especially while writing independent works on the subject of wine, some poets also gave a special importance to wine among their poems. Sometimes the real meaning of wine used sometimes metaphorically. As in many other literary products, the influence of Arabic and Persian literature was initially seen in the analogy and description of wine; However, after the 16th century, when classical Turkish literature found its identity, original dreams, symbols, imagination and ideas emerged. Nev’î-zâde Atâyî's works, which is one of the most important poets of the 17th century, although there is sometimes a commitment to tradition, original original depictions and new imaginations are noteworthy. In this study, the analogies and descriptions of the wine and wine elements in the mesnevi of Nev’î-zâde Atâyî will be discussed.

Nev’î-zâde Atâyî, 17th Century, Classical Turkish Literature, Wine.