Bağımsızlık Dönemi Şiirinde Cesaret ve İnsanlık Duygusunun Gelişimi (Kh. Dawletnazarov, B. Seytaev ve O. Satbaev’in Bir Şiiri Örneğinde)
The article analyzes the development of patriotic position in the Karakalpak poetry during the Independence period as an example of Kh.Dawletnazarov, B.Seytaev, O.Satbaev’s poetry. It gives facts with samples such as the wideness of poet’s outlook, high patriotic position, depicting in a different way, intellectual research, largeness to truthfulness and honesty, skills on expressing national actual problems wideness of serving great national aims conception. The poetry of Kh.Dawletnazarov, B.Seytaev, O.Satbaev – through the deep thought, defending and supporting the humanitarian ideas with high thinking, culture was actively served to build the reign of justice and humaneness. At the beginning of Independence period in the time of the tough duration in social life of Karakalpak people the poetry of the poets, who created the philosophic idea, sing their nation with pride and show the historical example of civil poetry, was analyzed in detail.

Karakalpak poetry, Kh.Dawletnazarov, B.Seytaev, O.Satbaev, the independence period, patriotic