Analysing of Mullah Mahmud Zu'i`s Divan İn Terms of Types and Content
Mullah Mahmud Zu`i lived in the second half of the 19th century, where social, political and literary innovations took place in Azerbaijan. Although Zu`i is the representative of the classical tradition, he has also innovated in verse types and content. He has a verse nasihatname which called Nasihat-ı Lokman, a prose written in the style of folk story called Düzd and Gazi, and the Divan. The Divan, which is mostly composed of ghazals, is not regular/crew. The only copy of the Divan, which is thought to be intertwined with the original text, is kept in the Institute of Manuscripts on Behalf of M. Fuzuli of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. In this study, Zu`i`s Divan, which has not been published and examined within the framework of a classical Divan system, will be introduced in terms of forms/types, material and content; information about the poet's innovations in verse forms/types and content, and local discourse features frequently encountered in the Divan will be given.

Azerbaijan literarure, Molla Mahmud Zu`i, Divan, Poetry forms/types, Linguistic performance.