Murathan Mungan’s Stories “Kasım ile Nâsır” and “Ulak ile Sadrazam” at the Center of Masculinity and Violence
Violence is one of the most fundamental matters that humanity has experienced but can’t find a remedy for centuries. Furthermore, instead of losing blood in modern times, it continues its existence by diversifying and getting stronger. Why do people tend to violence and why don’t/can’t they abandon it? In particular, what is the basis of relationship between violence and men? These questions have been focused and discussed in detail in many sociological studies. So what can be said about the appearance in the fictional world and literary aspect of this relationship between masculinity and violence. In this context, Murathan Mungan’s stories are the leading texts. In this study, author’s stories of “Kasım ile Nâsır” and “Ulak ile Sadrazam” were choosen as a sample to discuss the literary representation of mentioned relationship. These stories, which may be thought of as “relative texts” due to their many common features, are based on the adventure of two brothers forced to the battle by male dominant mechanisms. Hence, it can be said that the men directed to violence and the power provided/reinforced through violence are the main issues emphasized in the stories.

Masculinity, Violence, Hegemonic Masculinity, Murathan Mungan, Story