Language Of Empathy In Turkısh (Dıscourse Analysıs)
The discourses we produce are neither simple language use nor a linguistic object. Discourses reflect people's knowledge, values, opinions, beliefs, social relationships, psychological and social infrastructures, identities, intentions, judgments and perceptions. In this study, we determined the linguistic aspects of empathy, one of the factors affecting discourse, through discourse analysis. We preferred written texts, one of the carriers of discourses, as the area of the collection. Since the focus of analysis is empathy, the fact that there are many variables from society and individuals caused the results to differ. With this study, we found that empathy, which is not fully understood even though it is frequently used in everyday language, occurs at different levels, and these levels determine the preferences of the words and sentences used in the texts depending on the intentions of the subjects who make up the discourse.

empathy, empathy language, discourse, discourse analysis, fiction, ad text,