Prophet David İn Ottoman Texts
Various narratives are stated in the Quran to guide people. The stories of the prophets are at the top of these guiding narratives. In different art branches, it has been aimed to address these stories in various forms and to enable larger masses to benefit from these guiding narratives. These stories have been the subject of written and oral narratives in the field of literature. One of the prophets who is mentioned in the Quran and has become the subject of works of art is Prophet David. In the Quran, Prophet David is mentioned, however, few details are given about his ancestors and life. Additionally, there is no narrative as a whole, which can be named as "the Story of Prophet David". On the other hand, in the literary texts, he was mentioned with the details related to his life such as the fact that he defeated Goliath, was both a ruler and a sultan, was fair, softened and shaped iron with his hands, ensured his livelihood by making armors, read Psalms with his beautiful voice, was truthful in his prayers and accompanied the invocation and prayers of all the living beings. Among the sources of these narratives, it is seen that there are works such as the Quran, the hadiths and the history of Islam as well as the works of Isra'iliyyat. In this study, an attempt will be made to put forward the life story of Prophet David and to reveal the world of association related to him in the literary texts relying on the information in the above-mentioned sources.

Classical Turkish Literature, literary texts, prophet stories, Prophet David