An Unknown Work Of Hafız Hüseyin Ayvansarayi: “Mecmu’atü’l-Leta’if Sandukatü’l-Ma’arif”
Many highbrows who were interested in the literal and cultural fields in Ottoman, had duty of bridge in transferring the society’s scientific and cultural knowledge to the next generations in their period as devoting the great part of their life to the workings in this field grew up. One of them Hafız Hüseyin Avvansarayi who pondered on Ottoman historical, architectural, literal and culture knowledge in 18th century and spent his life to record those values. Even if the information about Hüseyin Avvansarayi’s life who is one of unique Ottoman intellectual ones is limited, his important works such as Hadîkatü’l-Cevâmi’, Mecmû’a-i Tevârîh and Eş’âr-nâme-i Müstezâd made him famous. Ayvansarâyî who was understood to have a well pleasure and cultural knowledge organized a review of poetries that he came across in these works, thought them as interesting and genuine in his mind as examining the works written in the period when he lived and before it. In this study, some evaluations were made on the form and content features of this poetry journals review that Avvansarayi named it as Mecmu’atü’l-Letâ’if Sandukatü’l-Ma’ârif, that its existence has not been known up to now, and the poetries in this work were classified according to MESTAP.

Classical Turkish Literature, Journal, Hafız Hüseyin Avvansarayi, Mecmu’atü’l-Leta’if Sandukatü’l-Ma