Study On Salur Kazan’s Gaining Name
In the new copy of book of Dede Korkut the soylama which describe that Kazan has gained name, it stands out as a text that summarizes the epic personality of Kazan. In this text, which is the 17th soylama of the work, in the relation to the name of Salur Kazan where came from, about "lifting the boiler" conclusion has been reached and it is extremely important. The mention of Kazan's previous name as Deli Dönmez opens the door to new questions about this name. Our study is based on the evaluation of the story of Kazan, which is located at the center of Dede Korkut stories, and the word “Kazan” and Kazan gaining name. In this evaluation, the section on “kazan” in Şecere-i Terâkime is also an important comparison factor. In the Dede Korkut stories for the heroes to be named, it is necessary to "cut off the head and shed blood". As a hero who has many wars and heroes and moreover kills the dragon, it is necessary that asked why the name of Salur Kazan is not a memory about “shedding blood”. Acquiring name and the fact that this name is based on an bloodless event suggests that the name of the boiler is related to a glory and title. In this regard, the value attributed to “kazan” in mythological accumulation and the role of “kazancı dede” in the tekke tradition are remarkable connections. The symbolic value of boiler clarifies, not in Günbet copy, in text of Şecere-i Terâkim.The names of heroes, like heroes, .have sembolic value.

Dede Korkut, Salur Kazan, Deli Dönmez, Günbet,boiler, gaining name, fire place, tekke