Syntactic Structures With Antonym Function in Turkey Turkish
The concept of antonym, which emerged to define the contrast of meaning, began to be studied in the field of linguistics since the 19th century. The concept of antonym, which is mostly dealt with by a scientific point of view by researchers, also attracts attention in areas such as co-occurrence and syntax when the studies are changed direction. Among these researchers Jones, who has examined the antonym in the most comprehensive way, has created a quality work that is the most used in antonym. In this study, a new classification is proposed based on the antonym classification of Steven Jones. By mentioning the types of antonym, syntactic structures with contrast function were examined and these structures of subordinate, conjunction, gerundium and recurrency groups. Contextual antonym structure analysis was performed and the antonym sentences selected from a newspaper review containing the news in 2018 was included under the titles related to the syntactic structures determined according to the antonym word pairs. In addition, it is stated which antonym type of antonym word pairs belong. Accordingly, it was determined that antonym relations should be evaluated with a lexical and syntactic approach.

antonym, types of antonym, syntactic antonym