Control of Synonyms in Definitions of Dictionary Unit
Dictionaries generally consist of two planes as macrostructure and microstructure. The macrostructure refers to the arrangement of all dictionary units in the dictionary; the microstructure refers to the arrangement of a dictionary unit. One of the types of information contained in the microstructure is the definition information and constitutes the most subjective part of the dictionary. For this reason, various definition methods have been determined by dictionary makers. One of the methods of definition in monolingual general dictionaries is definition through synonyms. While synonyms are preferred because they are short and easy to identify, they are criticized for hiding meaning differences between words. Monolingual general dictionaries offer coding and decoding functions to their users. However, identifying with synonyms makes it difficult to perform this function and makes it necessary to control the synonym characteristics between the definiendum and the definiens. In this study, “ihtiyar” and “yaşlı” words -determined to be defined with each other-, have been analyzed in the langue plane through semic analysis and semantic field methods, in the parole plane through semantic prosody method to determine the synonym characteristics. In line with the findings obtained, results related to the use of synonyms in monolingual general dictionaries were reached.

dictionary, definition, definition methods, synonymy