The Influence of Nusayrism on Alaouite-Bektashi Literature and The Narration of Nusayri Tusi
This study was written for detecting the place of Nusayrism in Alaouite-Bektashi literature and researching the narration of Nusayri Tusi in Dervish Mohammed Yemini’s Faziletname who was the one of them among the XVI. century poets. In fact there are lots of differences between the Nusayri people’s belief elements and the lifestyles and Alouite-Bektashi community. Even, there are almost no poets who are connected with Nusayrism in this type of literature according to the researches. First of all, evaluations were made on this finding, then worked on the narration of Nusayri-Tusi in this study. As a result of this narration that was studied, Nusayrism wasn’t tolerated even Hazrat Ali and even he punished the people in person supporting Nusayrism. Starting from this conclusion, the thought of Nusayrism’s fact of not being accepted in hospitable neighborhood like Alaouite-Bektashi was come out.

Literature of Alaouite-Bektashi, Nusayrism, Dervish Mohammed Yemini, Faziletname, Nusayri Tusi.