Poetic Translation Of Qasidah Al-Burdah By Nihadi
Qasidah Al-Burdah, written by the Egyptian sufi poet Imam Busiri in Arabic in the 13th century as a manifestation of his love for the Prophet, has attracted great attention in Turkish literature as well as in Arabic and Persian literature. As a result of this interest, especially in classical Turkish literature, this eulogy has been commented on by many commentators; it has been translated into Turkish by verse, by famous poets such as Kemalpaşazade, Leali, Ahmed-i Rıdvan, Şemseddin Sivasi and Nahifi, as well as by dozens of poets who could not achieve a certain reputation. One of the poets who translated this ode in verse is Nihadi, about whom we have no information. Nihâdî's verse translation, which has only one copy and whose translation/copying date is unknown, consists of 160 couplets. As with many works written in this genre, the translator mostly preferred the one-to-one translation method; and he knew how to make his dominance of the language felt on the text in a sincere manner. In this study, the translated text of Nihadi's verse translation of Qasidah Al-Burdah was taken to the axis and besides the form and content features of this work; its place in different translations of this type has also been tried to be determined.

Bûsîrî, Qasidah Al-Burdah, classical Turkish literature, Nihâdî, poetic translation