Dialect Dictionaries
Dialects are one of the most significant components of both a language and a culture. Any obtained data with respect to the dialect of a region is concurrently the data with regard to the culture of that region. Within this sense, the importance of the dialect research and studies conducted for dialect research are progressively increasing. In this study, the concepts of dialect and dialect dictionary are primarily underlined and content area of these concepts are included. The dialect dictionaries are classified with reference to several criteria such as purpose of use, geography and the way they are generated. Some of these classifications are mentioned in this study. The process of preparing a dialect dictionary is sophisticated and challenging. Therefore, there are many issues, incoherencies and drawbacks encountered while it is being prepared. These issues, incoherencies and drawbacks may emerge in each phase such as preparation, compiling, source selection and writing phase. In consideration of the conducted studies, the detected issues, incoherencies and drawbacks are addressed in this study. On account of these detected issues, incoherencies and drawbacks, the preparation process of the dialect dictionaries and methods used in the dialect dictionaries are approached in detail. Within the scope of this study, many titles such as the objective, planning, expert selection, source determination, data acquisition, writing lexical entries, writing examples, writing references that are ranked in the writing process of the dialect dictionary are addressed.

dialect dictionary, history, issue, method