An Artist Recommended to be İncluded in the "List of Living Human Treasures" in the Field of Tile Art: Legend Mehmet
Keeping our traditional arts alive, developing, protecting them, solving its problems, and introducing them to a wide range of people by training new masters also means preserving intangible cultural heritage. Legend Mehmet (Mehmet Yıldırım), who is the Carrier of Intangible Cultural Heritage of T.R. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Ceramic / Wheel-Lathe / Tile Artıst, is among the most important names contributing to the survival, development, protection, problem-solving and promotion of the Traditional Kütahya Tile Making in our age. He is known with the nickname "Legend Mehmet" from 2005-2006, as some colleagues have ascribed, due to his contribution to the development of Traditional Kütahya Tile Making and its introduction in the national/international arena, finding solutions to the problems of tile craftsmen, and due to his outstanding services/achievements in the fields such as his ability to teach the production of tile forms that can be learned in about four years in wheel/lathe in only 35 days. Since 1990, he has trained 21 professional masters in the field of "Tile Art(Tile-Making)” and has made significant contributions to the education/development of tens or even hundreds of people living in Turkey and abroad in the field of "Tile Art”. All of the 21 professional masters trained by Legend Mehmet and tens or even hundreds of those whom he contributed to their education in the field of ceramics/tile for 35 days or less, have now established their own workshops or worked in certain distinguished workshops and factories. Some of them work as ceramics/tile teachers in public or private schools, some work as academicians in ceramic/tile departments of various universities. Legend Mehmet is one of the few craftsmen who can make "Tile Art" with all its elements from the raw material preparation stage to the glazed furnace stage at a level of mastery. Legend Mehmet, who has been active in the field of "Tile Art" since 1980, is suggested that Unesco should include him in the "Living Human Treasures List " with his other features mentioned and will be mentioned in this study.

Legend Mehmet, Ceramıc Art, Tile Art, Unesco, Living Human Treasures List