Place Values in Erdem Bayazıt Poetry: Swallowing Cities / Holding Cities ...
The urbanizing attitude of the city is most destructive in the world of poets. The artificial formation we named modernity destroyed this geographical area with similar intentions. The city concept as a direct or indirect image has an important place in Bayazıt's poem. It is clearly felt in the texts where the poet takes a negative attitude towards the cities. In fact, poetry is criticizing city-civilization on the main aim of the city. Erdem Bayazıt, who is sensitive to social issues, criticizes the age on the city image. Erdem Bayazit, who created poetics as a force from the spindle and spiritual values, took its place in Turkish poetry as a poet who grew up in the Great East and the Resurrection. Even in his poetry, the poet, who established his viewpoint more on the ones he drowned himself, was not twisted into himself even when the second new movement was effective; The world of images has not allowed the suppression of mana. The city, the man, the place, the place are always the ones that attract the pain of the same changes. The poet's world is about to make a more healthy sense of these burning and destructive problems of the newly established civilization.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Erdem Bayazıt, poem, city, image.