Weapon Names in Kazakh Language Which Under The Concept of “Bes Qaruv”
Language causes culture to be born. Material and moral cultural elements are transferred from generation to generation through language. Culture helps the language to develop. The vocabulary of a language is largely fed by the culture of that society. Language has significant traces of the beliefs, worldviews, traditions, moral values, in a word, lifestyles of societies. Language allows us to read these traces. In this study, the names of traditional hero weapons, which are accepted as an important cultural heritage among Kazakhs, are examined. Unlike other weapons, the weapons of the heroes are given a special name: bes qaruv. As a symbol of courage, heroism, fearlessness and strength, “bes qaruv weapons” are an important treasure that reflects the Kazakh war culture and prevents the forgetting of the past in the modern world. In our study, after the general features , functions and classification of five qaruv weapons were given, the names of weapons in each group were explained with examples.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Kazakh Turkish, weapon names, lexicology, war tools