On The Expressions ‘Butun Binmek and Sıçrayıp Binmek’ in the Book of Dede Korkut
A lot of independent studies conducted on the Dede Korkut Stories, which have become one of the most fundamental sources of Turkish language and culture since the day it was discovered. Although a significant progress has been made in creating a solid text since the first day it was read, there are some controversial words and expressions due to the difficulties arising from the writing features of the text and the vocabulary of the work has many layers historically, sometimes has dialect features. One of the DKK’s expressions that has different approaches and views on its pronunciation and interpretation is “butun binmek”. There are different reading and interpretation of researchers who published the DKK as a whole in the Turkey and outside of the Turkey, as well as two independent studies on ‘butun binmek’ were written. Different approaches are seen mostly on the meaning of the expression whose pronunciation is generally accepted as "butun binmek" and the structure of the word "butun". In this study, first of all, the expression "butun binmek" in the Dresden and Vatican manuscripts was discussed together with the expression "sıçrayıp binmek", another form of mounting to a horse in the text, and put forward considering the context in which it is mentioned in the text. The views and approaches put forward in previous studies on the expression were evaluated. At the end of the study, the meaning of the expression "butun binmek", our opinion and evaluation on the structure and meaning of the word "butun" are given in consideration of a similar usage in the Günbet manuscript, which contains the 13th story of the Dede Korkut stories.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Dede Korkut Stories, butun binmek, sıçrayıp binmek, yanın basa binmek