The Literary Genres in Folk Compilations of N.F. Katanov

Tuvan is located in the Northeast group of Turkish languages. There are Altai, Saha, Khakas, Tuva languages in the northeast group. This group is also called Siberian Turkic languages. Wilhelm Radlov published the language examples which are collected from Altai and West Siberia since 1860, in 10 volumes under the title "Proben der Volkslitteratur". The texts of Uryanhay (Tuva), Abakan and Karagas are included in Volume 9. This volume was prepared by N. F. Katanov. (St. Petersburg, 1907) These compilations preparing by Katanov were made under difficult conditions. Katanov, who thinks that he is insufficient in examining the dialects of Tuvan, stated that the reasons for this are the lack of transportation, the lack of vehicles and the suspicion of the people of Uryanhay, despite the abundance of texts. He compiled songs, riddles, tales and shamanic prayers by giving half or one capik per song, a quarter cap for each riddle, fifteen for the short tale, thirty for the long tale, and also needles, thread, pressed tea, tobacco, letter paper, henna, pencil, eraser, candy, bread. However, the people of Uryanhay, who suspected Katanov to be a Russian government official, did not inform him from time to time. So he introduced himself as the commander's interpreter, a Tatar clerk or an Abakan merchant. In this study, it has been examined that compilations of Katanov were belong to which literary genres and which themes were discussed in these literary genres by giving examples.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Tuvan, Katanov, Proben, Compilation, Ir