Preposition and Prepositions Tasked Words in Cümcümename

Prepositions have taken their place in Turkology as a type of word whose existence is discussed in Turkish. There is no complete consensus on this issue by the researchers. In the process until today, there are different opinions about the existence of prepositions and the terminology of prepositions. In fact, it has been observed that some researchers' views on prepositions have changed over time. In the study, the subject of prepositions was tried to be clarified by mentioning the existence of prepositions not only in Turkey Turkish but also in other Turkish dialects. In this study, words with prepositions and prepositions in the work named Cümcümenâme belonging to the field of Chagatay Turkish were examined. Turkey types of prepositions After about Cümcümenâ studies were mentioned in Turkish assets. Thus, the issue of Turkish and foreign words that are included in the preposition in Chagatay Turkish was also enlightened. Then move prepositions prepositions classified from various sources on the adoption and use properties in Turkey Turkish Chagatai Turkish type of prepositions prepositions discussed in his book examining Cümcümenâ already been determined. In the work consisting of 31 leaves, 379 lines were examined. In the work of preposition structures consisting of 9 titles in Chagatai Turkish, 6 types of prepositions were found. 21 different preposition structures belonging to these preposition types and 117 usages from these structures have been identified. The frequency of use of prepositions is also included in the study. Although it is seen that the structures found are mostly conjunction and exclamatory prepositions, it has been determined that exclamation prepositions are more prominent.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Chagatay Turkish, Cümcümenâme, prepositions