A Trying Comparison of The Novel "Gönül Hanım" with the Works of "Kızılelma", "Yeni Turan", "Aydemir" on the Basis of Utopia

In 1908 with the declaration of the Constitutional Monarchy the second (II. Meşrutiyet), Turkish nationalism found its protector in the political platform with of the Party of Union and Progress (İttihad ve Terakki). The ideal of Turkism gained an intellectual depth with the participations of Hüseyinbeyzade Ali Turan, Akçuraoglu Yusuf Bey and Ahmet Agaoglu, Musa Akyigit into the Turkish nationalist movement. Ziya Gökalp and Ömer Seyfettin are the ones who made the ideal of Turkism a widespread idea in the context of Turkish social-political life. All of names mentioned, created a Turkist public opinion with the articles they published in Genç Kalemler, Türk Yurdu magazine and the conferences and meetings they held in Turk Derneği, Türk Ocağı establishments. Ziya Gökalp's Kızılelma ideal and the "ideal homeland" proposition characterized by the name of Turan; not only influenced Turkish nationalists, but also became phenomena on which all intellectuals of the especially between 1911-1918 period commented. Türk Ocağı and Türk Yurdu intellectuals have written utopian literary works based on the ideal of Kızılelma and the phenomenon of Turan. Kızılelma which written by Ziya Göklap is the first utopian poem about the political program of Turkism. Göklap's Kızılelma poetry, immediately showed its effect in Turkist circles. Yeni Turan novel written by Halide Edip and Aydemir novel written by Mufide Ferid are the best known novels in this context. Although the novels mentioned are written on the basis of Turkism; Yeni Turan is a "political period novel"; Aydemir is a "fantastic tragedy" novel. Gönül Hanım novel written by Ahmet Hikmet Müftüoglu on the other hand, is a very original novel in that it is the first utopian novel to make the political program of Turkism. In this article, the claims about the aforementioned works have been tried to be proven based on the data of the linguistic declarations of the mentioned texts and the characteristics of the utopia genre in form and content.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Utopia, Kizilelma, Yeni Turan, Aydemir, Gonul Hanim.