The Basic Elements of Children's Literature in Ahmet Büke's Book Titled Kırlangıç Zamanı

children with linguistic and visual communication elements. This literature contributes to the development of children's imagination and intellectual development. The basic elements of children's literature are theme, message, characters, language and narration and illustrations. This study aims to examine Ahmet Büke's book, Kırlangıç Zamanı, in terms of the basic elements of children's literature. For this aim descriptive analysis was used in the study. Descriptive analysis is one of the qualitative research methods. Information about the book named Kırlangıç Zamanı children's literature and basic elements of children’s literature were obtained through a screening model. The book named Kırlangıç Zamanı, scientific publications and the internet were used to collect the data. The collected data were examined. As a result of the examination, it has been found that the book named Kırlangıç Zamanı is one of the examples of problem-oriented children's literature.Ahmet Büke is a writer who is interested in social problems with the subjects he chose, the characters he created in accordance with these subjects and the messages he presented. As a result, when the book is examined in terms of the basic elements of children's literature, it is revealed that it is one of the qualified examples of children's literature.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Ahmet Büke, Children’s Literature,, Kırlangıç Zamanı