Edebî Tür Açısından Karabibik Eserinin İncelenmesi

It ıs quite difficult to define the novel and story genres by including all the examples in the genres. This difficulty that frequently emphasises by literary theorists, also are observed in seperation of these literary genres with certainty. These literary genres are similar because they have many common features. It is not possible to distinguish these genres comprehensively. It is a question of debate where the distinction is between these genres, which are mostly focused on their length and shortness. Therefore there are some literary works whose genre can not be determined. Karabibik that is one of first works that handle countryside is a controversial work in terms of literary genre. The work, which was written in the period when the novel and story genres commenced to be written in modern Turkish literature, is introduced as a novel in the work’s incipite by its writer. However most literature history works label it as a long story. Therefore the work is appropriate for examination in terms of literary genre. In this study, primarily, it has been informed how the novel and story genres were defined by many literary theorists and writers. In addition, the characteristic features of the novel and story genres has been tried to be determined. The distinctive features of these literary genres, both in terms of content and form, have been revealed. It has been determined which features Karabibik has. According to features that is determined, it has been debated that the work is closer which literary genres and it has been tried to reach a conclusion.


Novel, Story, Nâbizâde Nâzım.