Behçet Necatigil's Poetic Attitude Resources, Values Codes: Faith and Beliefs ...
The earth moves with what is written and written by man. The fate of man is hidden in the human being. Mystery is invisible, value loaded, layers are multidimensional strings of meanings. Although the meaning of life is hidden in what is hidden, there are few people who are willing to explore. Here, there are artists, artists and poets in particular. For the poets who are pursuing a happy word, the layer of meaning-inspiration together is a return of the net that surrounds the whole earth by growing the layer. Particularly well-equipped, the poetry of the poets who know the culture codes aims at opening the gates of another magnificence. Behçet Necatigil is one of the most eminent poets of our poetry at this dimension. Necatigil, who knows and uses all the minimum materials required to carry poetry, is also dominant in Eastern and Western sources. The poetry of Behçet Necatigil is a cultural poetry beyond all its meanings. While moving from individual inspirations, the result is a poetic sequel supported by a robust aesthetic make-up. One of the important sources of poetry is sacred beliefs and beliefs. The poet, who knows the sacred books, especially the Qur'an, the Bible, the Torah and uses symbolic meanings for them, gives poetry in sacred accounts with beliefs. Thus poetry rises to different levels of meaning. The dimensions of metaphorical meaning are directed at different expansions, directing poetry to new areas.

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