Creation Process Of Necip Fazıl’s Piece Çöle İnen Nur
In 1948, Necip Fazıl started a series of articles titled as “Çöle İnen Nur” published weekly in Büyük Doğu magazine(1948-1950). In the articles, Necip Fazıl revives an old tradition, the “siyar” tradition.Those articles in which the love for prophet is most genuinely expressed are later in 1961 compiles into a book named O Ki O Yüzden Varız to be republished in 1969 with the name Çöle İnen Nur. In this paper, the creation process of both pieces will be discussed and the reasons why there have been a name change in 1969 will be explained.

Nur(light), Prophet, Necip Fazıl, Büyük Doğu