Hüseyin Nihal Atsız's Place in the History of Turkish Folklore and Culture
Folklore has been one of the most dwelt on, discussed and studied areas since 19th century. The fact that folklore and its culture is of the same age with the existence of humanity, it has come to the fore and has been discussed for the last two or three centuries and many scientific works have been written about culture has caused the interest in folklore to increase gradually. Thus, this has provided a basis for materials of folklore and culture to become usable in many scientific, intellectual and fictional works. Folklore and culture, which are among basic dynamics of the society, have become the subject of more and more works every day. Hüseyin Nihal Atsız used folkloric and cultural materials significantly and consciously in his works. Having a Turkist identity and having information about Turkish culture and folklore have contributed Atsız to include folkloric and cultural materials in his works. It can be said that Atsız has both theoretical works in which he expressed his thoughts about Turkish folklore and culture and fictional works in which he used folkloric and cultural materials.

Folklore, Culture, Hüseyin Nihal Atsız, Change, Ideology