Affixes with Diminution, Love, Affection and Compassion Functions in Old Turkey Turkish
In this article diminution, love, affection and compassion functions of the affixes in Old Turkey Turkish has been studied. In grammar books affixes studied under the title of “diminutive” does not only have diminution function. Depending on the context, it also has love, affection and compassion functions. Therefore the necessity of renaming the said affixes should be considered because of the similar functionalities they have other than diminution. In this study affixes +(A)ç, +Ak, +CA, +cAK, +cAgIz, +cIk, +Cuk, +cUgAz, +kInA, +lAk, +rAk/+IrAk/+UrAk which give the meaning of diminution, love, affection and compassion have been identified in the Old Turkey Turkish texts. Apart from these also +sI, +msI ~ +msa, +mtI, +mtIk, +mtIl, +CIl/+CUl, +rAk/+IrAk/+UrAk, +sagı/+sagu affixes has been identified which does not directly express diminution but gives the meaning of decrease, diminution when they combine with words which indicates color and taste.

Old Turkey Turkish, diminutive, love, compassion, affix.