His Divan is Unknovn a 16th Century Poet: Tiği from Edirne and His Poems
The literary tradition which is named as Classical Turkish Literature grew the numerous poets who impressed in their period and later on, and who eternalised their name with their works. Even if the works that most of those poets wrote them have come to today, the works of some poets have not come due to the various reasons to today. One of the Ottoman poets that it was informed about their life and works in the collection of biographies and various biographies but that none of their works have come to today is Tigi. The real name of poet who is from Edirne is Mehmet. The poet who became a cavalryman from Edirne Palace and then, had the duty of philosopher in Dergah-ı Ali and being an officer in İstanbul Municipality died in 1617. It is designated in the sources that Tigi who is stated as being famous with his historical poems and especially the poetry forms including the versicles had the rearranged collected poems with his translation work into Turkish that Kemal-pasazade wrote it. However, none of the works have come to today. Even if Tigi’s works have not come to today, many poetries which will form the uncompleted collected poems belonging to the poet are recorded in the various collected biographies, biographical sources and journals. In our study, the information will be given about Tigi’s life who is from Edirne; a set of evaluations about his poems which were determined in the collected biographies, biographical sources and journals will be made and some samples will be given.

Classical Turkish Literature, 16th Century, Edirne, Tiği.