Analysis of The Story ‘Edirne’nin Köprüleri’ (The Bridges Of Edirne)
Even if they are read for a certain period of time, it is quite normal for the works of an author who cannot make the reader feel the sorrow and bliss, who cannot instigate excitement and admiration to fall into oblivion in time. When the Turkish literature is considered based on this fact, it can be seen that Turkish authors have written all kinds of works about the life. As for the cities, especially the ones having the quality of being a cultural center has gained the admiration of Turkish authors, finding their place in their works and being reflected with all their beauty. Unfortunately the negative aspects of urbanization resulting from the phenomenon of migration has not escaped the notice of authors, and the aspects of our cities that injure and wear down humans have also found their place in works of art. Being one of the Turkish authors of the recent era, Füruzan have been successful in realizing and describing the people who had to live in cities because of the phenomenon of migration and the plight they were in, and what is hidden in the details. The present study determines the elements that render her story ‘Edirne’nin Köprüleri’ (‘The Bridges of Edirne’) valuable and analyzes how the characters of the story feel the joy of living depending on their own nature.

Human, love, life, hope, women, children, poverty, Edirne’nin Köprüleri (“Bridges of Edirne”)