Albania and Albanians in Ahmet Mithat Efendi’s Novel Albenians and Soliots
Ahmet Mithat Efendi does not limit his works to just one geography or one nationality. He handles people from all regions and all nationalities in large Ottoman geography and shows their lifestyles, cultures, customs and traditions to the reader. In his novel Albanians-Soliots, A. Mithat Efendi, narrates Muslim Albanians and Christian Soliots. The wars of these two societies’, who live in different conditions and have different religions, with each other and their heroism in these wars are valuable features for Ahmet Mithat. In the novel, how Tepedelenli Ali Pasha struggles to dominate Albanians and Soliots for his political power is narrated. Events are put into words in a successful style with the writer's historical knowledge. In this study, historical and political situation of Albania and Albanians in the period mentioned in the novel will be discussed. In this regard, Albanian and Soliot societies’ lifestyles, cultures, successes at the wars, customs and traditions will be focused on.

Ahmet Mithat Efendi, Soliots, Albanians, Albania, Novel.