Some Assessments on the Ötükän Bägi in the Qutadgu Bilig
The scholarly edition of Qutad?u Bilig was carried out by Reşit Rahmeti Arat in 1947. This edition is based on the three manuscripts of the work. As a result of long work, Arat succeeded in preparing the edition of Qutadgu Bilig. It has been a misfortune that Arat’s explanations on his edition have not been come to us. It has been 70 years since Qutadgu Bilig was edited. During this time, many new readings and meanings have been suggested about the edition and edition’s index. Any problematic expression and word in the edition should be re-evaluated. In the article, I will focus on the ötükän bägi in the edition of Qutadgu Bilig.

ötükän bägi, äbügän, Qutad?u Bilig, Mongolic copy