Reading Habit for Children and The Free Reader Model
The habit of reading is a goal that every country cares about and wants to give to its individuals. It is for this reason that elementary schools allocate necessary subject headings towards this objective in their curriculums and the implementation of this objective is seen as important. A study conducted by the United Nations comparing the reading levels of countries shows that Turkey is insufficient in this area and also highlights the importance of following the examples of the countries who are better in this subject . Both the reading books that the Ministry of National Education has added to the compulsory education process and the publications published by the publishers indicate that although there is a rich variety in terms of quantity, children and books are not at the expected level yet. England is in a better position in terms of reading habits compared to Turkey. By comparing the materials that are used to facilitate the advancement of elementary school students reading skills and habits between Turkey and the UK may lead to the root of the problem that Turkey faces. In this study, reading book groups that symbolize the reading activities that the students participates in will be explained with the aim to emphasize the importance of sharing the responsibility of developing reading habits.

children literature, reading habits, British reading habits model, book bands,