Amasya Apple as a City Image
The rapidly changing social conditions enrich the social sciences and, in particular, the science of science, the emerging cultural structures and the products they produce, in terms of their ability to evaluate and evaluate. The transformation of the definition of the people from the countryside to the metropolises from the city brings with it a new point of view. The concept of applied folklore is only one of these perspectives. In the understanding of applied folklore, the possibilities of the people's richness to live in social structures that are more complex are analyzed. Urban images are one of the elements that can be solved with applied folklore perspective. The products or elements that are integrated with the name of the cities can be taken into account with the steps of alın formation + extension + exploitation ”and their transformation to image can be determined. The apple object integrated with the name of the city of Amasya is one of the elements transformed into images with the name / brand of as Amasya Elması Am. The aim of this study is to analyze the stage of the Amasya apple, which has been introduced in Amasya, to a commercial product size and the stage of the formation, which has been known by Amasya.

Apple of Amasya, City Image, Applied Folklore.