Marrıage Customs in Kazakhs By Observatıon and Wrıtten Sources
Every country, every society, every nation has customs and the traditions that continue to protect its importance and its value for centuries. In Kazakhs and other Turkish tribes, marriage is very important and sacred. Because the first condition for the formation and continuation of a certain society is to establish a family. The way is through marriage. Marriage customs are very rich in Kazakhs and are very progressive. These stages; asking for the girl's hand in marriage “kız isteme”, betrothal “söz kesme”, affinity “dünürlük”, bride price “kalın mal, başlık”, girl’s side engagement ceremony “kız uzatu”, wedding ceremony “düğün” and some applications made after the wedding. In Kazakhs, there is a proverb that says it is easy to marry, it is difficult to be a family “ üilenu onay, üi bolu kiyın”. This means that two young people may face some difficulties after their marriage. Everything may not be what they think. Because in terms of being able to withstand these difficulties, the words sayed in the form of wishes and advice in weddings have great importance.

Kazakhs, culture, marriage customs, observation and written sources.