Traces of Ancıent Turkıc Belıefs Among Chepnıes in Trabzon and Gıresun Regıons
Chepnies is one of twenty-four Oguz tribes. In this work it is tried to determine what the traces of ancient Turkic beliefs are among Chepnies that presently live in the research field (Beşikdüzü, Şalpazarı, Eynesil, Görele). It has been aimed to show that the Turks coming to Anatolia though entered under the influence of another religion, have continued the former Turkic beliefs and practices. It has been observed that Chepnies have many beliefs and rituals that carry traces of ancient Turkic beliefs and practices even though they entered under the influence of another religion when they had come to Anatolia. Some of these beliefs and rituals changed and transformed under the influence of Islam, while some others maintained their original functioning. In the region alongside the Monotheistic belief the assisting and guardian spirits, black spirits, spirits of land, water, house and family are still believed. It is thought that protecting-ancestor spirits have still influence over the living people. Furthermore there are still minstrels with kemancha living and playing an active role in the social life of the region.

Assisting and guardian spirits, protecting-ancestor spirits, minstrels with kemancha