Electronic Dictionary Typologies and Lexica Example
Developments in information technologies have brought about innovations in the field of lexicography. One of these innovations is electronic dictionaries. Electronic dictionaries generally prepared in four types: handheld (pocket) electronic dictionaries, compact disc electronic dictionaries, online electronic dictionaries, and software/application electronic dictionaries. Rapid development in theoretical and applied fields in lexicography has made it necessary to prepare dictionary typologies for all dictionary stakeholders, from dictionary users to lexicographer. In the literature, electronic dictionary typologies prepare by different researchers. Furthermore, typologies have to be updated with the development of technology and additions have been making accordingly. In this study, after giving general information about dictionary and electronic dictionary concepts, electronic dictionary typologies in the literature are reviewed. Following the review, these typologies evaluated in the Lexica electronic dictionary and minus/plus values of electronic dictionary typologies were determined in terms of reflecting the field today and in the future.

electronic dictionary, electronic dictionary typology, dictionary, dictionary typology, lexicography