A Survey On The Words Ügüz And Sub In Old Turkish Inscriptions
In this article, we examine the words ügüz and sub mentioned in the names of the stream in the old Turkish inscriptions. First of all, the words ügüz and sub mentioned in the inscriptions were identified and the names of the streams used with these words were examined in detail. The words ügüz and sub were found to have been used together in 11 out of 39 stream names in the old Turkic inscriptions. The information about the rivers used together with these words is given and samples found in the inscriptions are presented. There is a frequency of usage of the word ügüz in historical Turkish dialects. Sub is used in the meaning of “holy spirit”, “country” or “stream” by means of metonymy. It has been tried to determine whether the words ügüz and sub mean a certain mass of water by any means.

Old Turkish Inscriptions, Turkish Streams, Ügüz, Sub