Women's Issues of Meral Çelen's Short Stories
Meral Çelen is a story writer and a dramatist in Turkish republic period. In this article, it is aimed to examine the stories of Meral Çelen in her book named as Güllü Güzel as thematically, which was published in 1961, as well as the stories of the author in their periodical publication. The thematic analysis of the stories is fell under two main headings: social and individual themes. With the short stories she has written, Meral Çelen contributed to women's struggle for their existence in society to gain a place in literary works. The author has included both the tragedy of the Anatolian women and the efforts of the urban women to keep up. It is possible to see in the her stories the traces in her life of author who evaluate the difficulties that faces of the women in social life, at work and at home. The writer, who narrates the her own impressions belong to women's world has frequently used the type of woman who is not satisfied with her situation.

Short story, theme, social, individual, Meral Çelen.