Archetypes In Ziya Gökalp’s Kızıl Elma Poetry
In the process that started with the Tanzimat, The Turkish literature, which has undergone a great change looks at the west while the other faces sources of folk literature in the east. Ziya Gökalp believes, Turkish ideals will actualize the return to our sources of folk literature. Gökalp creates Turkish character in the direction of this belief in the Kızıl Elma poem. These are archetypal heroes that reflect the common subconscious of humanity. Archetypes are the first model, universal symbols. These symbols share the common consciousness of humanity and manifest themselves in literary narratives such as stories and tale. The most prominent archetype is the mother-ideal female archetype in the Kızıl Elma. In the poem, there are also archetypes of the wise man, the traveler, the archetypes of the explorer reflecting the stages of the Turkish nation as a hero and the archetypes like the persona, who reflect the rebirth process. In this study, characters in Kızıl Elma have been examined by the archetypal criticism method and type structures that reveal Turkish culture and consciousness structure have been determined.

Turkish ideals, Kızıl Elma, Ziya Gökalp, archetypes.