A Lexicographical Research On Lügat-I Musâhabet Of Necip Asım Yazıksız.
In this study, Necip Asım Yazıksız's encyclopedic dictionary named Lügat-ı Musâhabet is discussed. In the first part of the study, after some information is given about encyclopedic dictionary which is the kind of work; there is a general information about Necip Asım's life, his works and Lügat-ı Musâhabet. In the second part, the lexicographical structure of Lügat-ı Musâhabet has been detected and its lexicographical research has been made. In addition, the thematically index of Lügat-ı Musâhabet released and the subjects that are included in the work has been categorized within the lexicographical research. In the third part, the works Turkish-French, French-Turkish index has been prepared.

Lügat-ı Musâhabet, Necip Asım, Lexicographical Research, Encyclopedic Dictionary